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Finding yourself in St. Bart's

Finding yourself in St. Bart's

I am ecstatic to feel at home having just arrived at one of my favorite places on Earth, St. Barth (SBH) in the Leeward Islands otherwise known as the French West Indies.

Three little words sum up SBH, provocative, sexy, and love-ly.  It is a smallish island with a pulse all of its own- slow and sensual with the exception of the tiny roads populated by speeding Vespas, Mini-Coopers and mini Mokes (What's a mini moke? Click here). 

And did I mention it's French? Yep, from head to toe. There are French people, French food, French boutiques, French attitude, French wine, and delicious French fries! There's copious amounts of champagne, Rosé, Vilebrequin, and Vuitton.  With an island that caters to vacationing high rollers, there are lots of speedy things to do from jet skiing around the island to sailing to beach parties and high octane clubs. We on the other hand like the simple "much ado about nothing" approach to the island with an early morning bakery run, yoga, romantic lunches, market shopping, walks on the beach and sunsets.


First you gotta get there though and it is not for the faint of heart with a small puddle jumper from St. Martin. Take a look below at our take-off and landing that will provide you a little bit more insight.

Once you've arrived.... ahhhh you are in Heaven!


Baptise yourself in the deep blue, buoyant waters of Shell Beach or at anyone one of the fourteen gleaming white sand beaches, all of which have their own character. Make it a lofty goal to see and experience them all. 

Favorite Bakery
La Petite Colombe Bakery

One of our Favorite Lunch Spots
Santa Fé (has high views, near Saline and Gouverneur beaches)

Favorite Dinner Spots
Le Tamarin

Favorite Wine Shop
Le Cellier du Gouverneur (delicious boutique collections in Gustavia)

Favorite Cigar and Hat Shop
La Casa del Habano (real Cuban cigars in St. Jean)

Favorite Shopping
Sea Memory (one of a kind objét d'art in Gustavia)

Photos and video by Fred Bowen, Kristin Bowen, Sydney Shipps, and David Shipps

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