For All Levels of Fitness and All Ages

Kristin Bowen is a 250-hour certified Hatha yoga instructor through Evolation Yoga based in Santa Barbara, CA. With 25 years of yoga experience, Kristin comes from a varied background of foundational, Bikram, vinyasa, gentle, therapeutic and restorative yoga. Her transformative yoga classes aim at advancing you in your practice, dissolving stress and anxiety, improving circulation, restoring the nervous system, and rejuvenating and healing the body. Using the breath to create a mind-body connection, her yoga techniques work to release mental and bodily tensions. 

Successful at working with those who suffer from hip weakness, sciatica and sports injuries to include knees, spine, neck and shoulders, Kristin additionally seeks to help others who suffer from nervous system disorders, arthritis, depression, illness, and trauma.

Kristin has the ability to customize her private classes for individuals or groups depending on their fitness level and/or goals for their practice. 


Email Kristin via the email icon below to request one of her short videos (free) while on-the-go or set a time for a free consultation on how you can achieve your wellness goals!

“Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.”
— Rumi