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A friend's birthday dinner in Venice, Italy 2014.

A friend's birthday dinner in Venice, Italy 2014.


Once Upon a Time...

There are those who love to travel and then there are those who live to travel. For Fred and I, our love of travel morphed into a lifestyle centered on living our passion of adventure, food and wine. Fortunately, our enjoyment comes not only from growing our knowledge and experiencing these passions, but keenly researching them as well. ADEPT Lifestyle was founded in 2015 upon discovering the need for trusted experiential travel advisors with curated discoveries and insider tips.


Our first trip to Venice in 1997

Our first trip to Venice in 1997

How It All Began…

On our first trip to Italy together in 1997, as we navigated through the back roads of northern Italy to find art, food and wine, we exalted in our newfound love for off-the-beaten-path exploratory travel. In the past 20+ years, we have put our travel research, know-how, and experience to good use by assisting friends, family, and others who like to explore and experience unhurried travel. 

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Want To Know More?

Our travel itineraries are filled with signature details where one might find suggestions for quaint spots for a game of bocce ball in a vineyard, a romantic lunch on the beach sipping a recommended chilled rosé with toes in the sand and azure waves rolling in, a foodie tour or cooking class, a relaxing bike ride through verdant hills and tiny villages, a knowledgeable guide to lead you through ancient ruins, and/or a quiet spot for dinner under the stars. We relish in finding unturned stones that are not necessarily written up in guidebooks or covered up with tourists, but rather pursue that chance meeting with the vintner who is teetering on the edge of discovery.

How We Can Help You?

Our goal is to save you the time from having to do the sometimes exhaustive and overwhelming planning or waste money on non-vetted excursions, restaurants or sites at your vacation destination. We find that great planning yields unforgettable memories and a well-valued trip! We can customize an exciting itinerary for you! Let us help you make the most out of your next vacation. Click here to learn more about hiring us.


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